Sunday, 18 March 2012

Microsoft’s Danah Boyd: Social Media Makes the World More Fearful

 "Information overload makes us numb, but things that freak us out have a rare ability to break through and capture our attention, Boyd said. As she put it, “The attention economy provides fertile ground for the culture of fear.”"


  1. What did you think about her talk?

    1. Thought this was something that made sense. It has been going on for a while the way that technology and the media has allowed for more visibility on problems and thus it seems that there are more problems. Another example would be the news media and the way they blow up and sensationalize things. It makes people feel unsafe when all they see is violence and war on the news, when in fact violent crime is on the downswing. This is kind of a similar thing only occurring in a different medium.

  2. It's true. This online transparency has created a medium in which we know more and learn sometimes too much about issues while still not being "fully informed". I agree with DENT67, the sensationalize of news media has caused the general audience to passively accept all that is presented to us without questioning its authenticity.

    All in all, I quite enjoyed her talk- well informed and very relevant to social media issues today.