Sunday, 11 March 2012

An interesting commentary on the way we use and interact with Pinterest


  1. I like the end sentence a lot, the same old crap in a new medium (form). It's true but like anything on the internet it has been done before. People often forget that the big social media sites have only built off of other sites and ideas, pinterest is no exception. It is a formula that has been done to death on the internet, mindless picture browsing, only with a new tweek. So no it's not going to change anything (I agree with the author) but it is also not as apocalyptic as the author says either. The idea of people liking it because there is no reading, writing or interaction is played up as some horrible thing. This is true, it is bad that people are lazy in this way but it's not new to pinterest, it's the same argument that came with the popularity of television. It was a fear that accompanied the radio, the fear of the loss of reading. So that's played up a little too much in the article, as well this website is nothing new. Is pinterest important? No, it's just another online distraction. Is it going to change anything? Other then adding a new way to market online, no. It's just another mindless distraction to add to the long list.

  2. Thank goodness for mindless distractions :)