Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Ludicrous School Expels Student For Swearing On Twitter

We've covered the issue of social media impacting our professional lives, but now it is impacting you education as well? Teens were suspended for using profane language on twitter. But does this cross the line of personal privacy?


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  1. If it's online then it's not private. That is usually a good rule of thumb. Although I disagree with the whole situation (why does a school need to monitor student's tweets?) it is not unlike employers doing the same thing. I remember in grade eight (8 years ago) one of the kids at my school made a website insulting and disparaging a teacher. The staff found out about this and suspended the student making him take the web site down. Now this case is different as it involves a student using profanity on twitter and getting in trouble for it. It's disturbing that the school even watches what students tweet then to suspend a kid for something like swearing on the internet, that's totally wrong. On the other hand if it's on the internet and attached to your name then don't expect it to be private. Yes the schools wrong, but privacy does not exist on the internet.