Wednesday, 8 February 2012

I wish I knew how to quit you facebook...

An article from my favourite blog, interesting restrospective look on how addicted and ingrained facebook has become in our lives making it almost impossible for us to ever leave it...
"Facebook allows us to approach and interact with each other on a pace that makes things easy–perhaps too easy. Perhaps the facility of communication tricks us into thinking that someone is still a real friend, just because they’re under that heading on our computer screens."

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  1. I know how this feels, I have deactivated my facebook twice now and always come crawling back. It's not just that I have the illusion of online friends being real friends (although that is part of it) it's also that I end up feeling excluded by my real friends. When I don't have facebook I can't see peoples pictures, I don't get the invites to events, I miss out on inside jokes. In short not having facebook makes one feel like an outsider among groups of friends.