Friday, 17 February 2012

20 Ways to Rationalize Your Pinterest Account

An interesting social commentary on the use of pinterest. Funny too because as mention in lecture, the majority of the website is very gendered to reflect female interests and past times.

1. Don’t worry. I’m sure no one else will have burlap table runners at their wedding.

2. Weight loss is 10 % working out and 90 % pinning new exercise circuits to try.

3. Look how great the house I don’t own is going to look after I’m done decorating it!

4. This photoshopped Maya Angelou quote is going to make me feel really good about myself one of these days.

5. This is an amazing recipe/idea/craft project. After I pin this, I’m never going to think about it again.

6. Who knew there were so many unorthodox ways to use a colander?

7. I don’t have a kid, but when I do, they’re going to have the prettiest nursery ever.

8. I wonder if people are jealous of how good my taste in vegan recipes is?

9. Look at this bag! Look at this bag! Can you tell that I want this bag? Someone buy me this bag!

10. That pile of crap could totally be a nightstand.

11. This is the hairstyle I will use for the wedding that I’m planning. No, I’m not engaged. Don’t worry about it.

12. Oh, so that’s how you fold a fitted sheet. This is actually useful information.

13. I wonder if mason jars are still hip? Yup. Yup, they totally are.

14. This is how much I like Audrey Hepburn. So much!

15. Animals wearing glasses. I’m so glad my friends have all validated me by repinning my pictures of animals wearing glasses.

16. This is a productive use of my time.

17. Finally. A convenient place to store all the time intensive recipes I will never try.

18. This vaguely romantic statement totally encapsulates the way I feel about my significant other.

19. Did you guys know that I care about fashion? Because I really care about fashion.
20. So you can really just spray paint anything, huh?

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  1. I feel that Pinterest is nothing really new because my facebook feed seems to just be links to things people would pin. It's like I am experiencing social media overload, I don't need another account to see what my friends like when most of that stuff is posted to facebook anyway. Maybe I just don't get it but I feel that this is a useless website when you look at all the other social media sites out there.